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photo by Owen Burciaga
    photo by Owen Burciaga

photo by Owen Burciaga
    photo by Owen Burciaga
Basic Ballet Technique and Fun in French and English
Childhood is a joyful and creative time filled with exploration, learning and fun! French ballet classes are a perfect place for young minds and bodies to explore movement, music, community and language. Miss Ella's ballet classes offer a uniquely stimulating setting for your little blossoming dancer.

Allons Danser!


Alex J. H.

Jessica C.

Patient with students, great teacher :) gives each student their individual time.

May 6, 2017
My three year old is in love with our Saturday morning class. For the first few weeks, she was convinced every day should be the day for "beebee ballet". Now we do a little dance every time the word Saturday is mentioned. I enjoy the bonding time with her, and my mother has a great deal of fun with Gramma Dates when I cannot take her. :) I can't recommend the classes enough.

May 4, 2017
Miss Ella of Miss Ella's French Baby Ballet was picked as one of the Top 20 Best Ballet Teachers in Portland for 2017 out of 140 reviewed.

May 2, 2017

Jennifer S. W.

March 15, 2017
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kid ballet parties in French or English
Kids Parties
Space in Miss Ella's classes is limited so please make sure to reserve your space in advance. If all the spaces are full send Miss Ella an email anyway to get on the cancellatio/wait list. Often people can't attend a class here or there leaving room for you!
Miss Ella also does kids parties. Go to the
Prices & Registration page for more information and to register for a party. This is a great addition to birthday parties or holiday celebrations.